Quinto no-poema: «Esto sí se» (incorregido)!

Yup. Went to Flume, a-m-a-i-z-i-n-g.

Danced till 7am. Soak.

Had two bottles of water,

THAT made me understand

what was the point for me:

the MUSIC. And to be 12 (not thirteen.)




Gone wild the other day on T.

I couldn’t be angry-er. Fuck fame,

I´m infamous.

I own actually a t-shirt

with that sentence.


I was with M in Madrid

for the Paul McCartney thing,

Snapshap that

staying at the Oscar,

where I wanted to be with you and T

seventeen times seventeen.


And IT didn’t happened.

Place was fun and M turned out

to be fun 2.

Just 2 kids in the Big Bellota.

Snapshap that

Found a place with my big nose,

a Shop.


There I found the T-shirt. Black.

I bought another one.

This: Burning and Looting. ¿Looting?

I give you a word: destuyendo.



Has a logo tag at the front GRMY. ???.

Yeah, I know.

I didn’t know.

I found it

because I have a big nose

and you teach me the smell of it.

See, I do listen. 2u.


I´m a talker because

I´m a listener.

Doesn´t look that way

But you know

You can bet

On that. Not like ya





Snapshap that.


… Gone.