Sleep is not an option so… «I got you, under my skin» by MONDINO

It was the party of me saying goodbye to Madrid before going to NY. My house full of people. Nobody new each other mostly, but everyone was having a great time. The day before I saw Moonstrok, with Cher. Love in the City. They went to the Opera, under the huge Chagals. Next day I was in the Upper West side. Taking my first walk in the Big Apple and, suddely, therre they where, huge, so, so beautifull. The Chagall’s. Magic was over the place. Mondino hizo este video. Entonces «todo» era Mondino. So new. So fresh. So… Madonna. So rich, so… Gaultier. How do you writte Col Porter. People where diying of Aids, and nobody new what was all that about. Love, and compasión filled the City. Friends desaparecían de un día para otro. So much pain, so much love, you would think it was almost… almost, a good thing. El dolor hace a las personas mejores. Más tarde, aquel movimiento se olvido. Pero Red Hot & Blue, el disco made out of compasión, was, is, still beautifull as the human soul can be.

Hoy, entre los jóvenes, vuelve a crecer el contagio de SIDA y la Ignorancia <span class=»hightligt»>NO</span> es una excusa. Please. (Información aquí )