«Self»: El no poema que me pasó mientras andaba.

Time just stopped


The moment you crossed

my path.

That instant.

Your rounded face

Phi unlimited

unreal, so human.

You where not yet

The person you are


Quantum physics

where happening

at the external frontier

of the Universe its self.

From the outside in,

the wholiness of everything

just before entering

Space an Time

Entering the inside,

The Self.

Quantum Physics

Crossing the path

of my life.


From the ouside in

the Universe itself.

You becoming myself

Just before

you became You

away, from yourself.

Everything that is

at the external borders

of this Cosmos we know,

the Universe to be

at the instant,

that same instant


just before entering

the Time

and the Being.

That fulliness of

The Wonder…

Crossing my Path.

Time stopped,

that instant,

just to start existing.

Who was the wisperer?

Now you are the distant

loneliness that lies

outside this black hole

so full of light that

all the Time that is,

that was,

that will be…


right there

at that moment

when you crossed my Path.