Marco Cinelli: instructions to be used

Marco Cinelli. Marco Cinelli.

Before «first», a lot of OHMMMMMMMMM. Then.

First, I´m talking about his music, if you want to use the guy you must pay way a way a lot… and ask permisión, he is picky. But, the IF we talk about the music.yes the Oh Oh (Blasted Out) [The B-side Remix], you listen it and… you say the f*ck word and you get deep into the fact that you are NOT the guy that did this music. Then, you can play it again safely -kind-of- and you let it go because you already know. (Blasted Out) ¿Right?. And then, you save it whatever way you want and start passing IT to all your friend -because you are a cool guy and you like like be one of the first on you know, passing THE thing around.

WRONG, you did that a few minutes ago and you are getting late. So, you just blak-mail everysingleone on your mailingslist in even the most insane nobody freaky radio be listened and… you just Blasted Out. Then you know you are cool, you are the guy in town who did it, yu kwon the fcking viral thing. Then you go on the phone with f*cking Zukelbert? The guy with the grey t-shirt, and you admit that you don´t know personally the guy, but you do know someone who actually know him -that’s me, of course- and you get Zuckeberg -¿?- like how weird is the name, my NAME because I actually in his friend list in the Facebook thing.

Are you listening to me or you are just… Blasted Out? I am.

Oh, you want more… go to the video