Just found Ernesto Nodal on Vimeo: I call what he does, acting!

N o words. I met Ernesto in Madrid. We both remember, he told me. Miguel was around. There is something about Cubans… they respect culture, I believe. And life. As far as I can tell, this is what I can call acting. No good, no bad. There is not such a thing as «bad acting» if it is «bad acting» we are getting just «no-acting». As Sandford Meisner said, «don´t do anything at least something happens that make you do it». Acting is not different than real life, «nothing happening» is just not possible. Just when you think, when you think you stop life. And, that, just stops the acting as stops life. But a woman who combs her hair, and she gets lost in her thoughts -ensimismada- is not thinking, is just being. In Theater we call that, «public solitude», and it is one of the most beautiful things someone can see on Stage.

I miss theater so much. I know Angelica Liddle was performing another 4 hours play, like «La Casa de la Fuerza». Ahh… Angélica. Valle Inclán is alive just because of her.

Love seeing in the eyes of an actor what is «happening» that is not thinking, but… something else uncontrolled. Alive.

Here it is… Enjoy.


NODAL, ERNESTO from Ernesto Nodal on Vimeo.


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