NOTE: Sad Zaha

NOTE: On.ignorance is an experimental publication in Spanish plus some words as a recognition that we are on our way to share all a samelanguage besides our own. An is in BETA. Several petitions from Miami ask me about an English Version, something not easy since I can´t write English the way I will like and translations are a tricky thing. The article is about my brief and non remarkable encounters with the arquitect Zaha Hadid that saddenly just passed yesterday away. But I met Zaha as a «friend» because she was a friend of the friend I was with. She fascinated me as a woman. She seamed someone vulnerable but ready to never surrender to the conditions of a world where her visions of Architecture, the discipline She mastered, could fin their place in the progress of humankind. Her heart was the only one able to defeat her drive. Everything else, in my opinion, will be words. A lot of them but just words.