No-poema: «Pain gets a fresh paint on its pain»!

Graphics for Pain no-poema Creación gráfica para el no-poema Pain. By Nicanor Cardeñosa/Onignorance
(Para Carmen y Chencho)

Destiny is all arronad me.

I get all the signals

by I don´t have the code

to get them open.

I use to love magic,

But now, it seams

to have Became

Inevitable in my life.

And is not always nice,

And I´m not sure I can

respect the pain

and if I do not

I just will loose the game.

-Big time-

Of not fullfilling my Destiny.


My Destiny. Every day

speaks clearly to me

but… What does «she» means?

what does «It» means?

what does «he» means?

No clues. Is a binary world

of yes, or

not, because

I´m a coward.



black and white

are the same thing.


good and evil

are the same thing.


pain and happiness

are the same thing.

Gray Time and Space

is filled by them,

shifting the shades just

one way o the other.


Am I ready to accept it?

Not sure. Not sure at all

even if it seams it was all written

before I even got

the first drop of milk

from my mother breast.


2.41. Back in Tossa.

Did a long travel on



and Learning.

Just I don´t know what I

just learned.

I never wilI…

That was the deal:

I have to cope with Mistery,

I always new I had

to get into the forest

but… I was born

a coward.


Can`t even write.

Can´t even re-write it.

Can´t even even

write anymore…

My heart is swelling

Too much pain.

That… that is all it is.




Something fell from somewhere up in the building

Hit the man,

Broken lives got broken bones

Pain get a fresh paint on pain.

It is all what it is.

Look not further. Just wait your time.