Friends’ sadism can be healed by friends love.


[16:05, 11/8/2016] Exchange nicanorcardenosa: Sin respuesta a los mas vanales mensajes. Luego una canción que no entiendo… not for me. I don´t even exist. Read the lyrics. Can´t really get their meaning. I finally wrote him from my heart without fear, as always… its painful, its life. «You got into silent back into silent mode. Its ok, it its always painful because I think you don´t even know it is. Ot it is puppet game sadistic game for you. It does not matter. And its ok. Is the way my heart is made. Pain is pointing to something I still have to understand about myself. I don´t really understand the song, I don´t know who could splain it to me. Nobody really. So, I will keep ignorant. I will go through the pain of the distant, for a moment, and get back to me. And promise my self I´ll will never gave up on my dreams. Abrazos in 10 years from today. If I´m think about it, I am who I think I am. I told «HER» the old big mayor friend, you know, I still love you 20 years after last day. She said back to me, I never stopped loving you one single day. Friendship is not always easy, but I want to think of myself of the ones that fight for it even everyone tells you: go away. Abrazo gordo. Como siempre. Tears, are a healing process of get connected with yourself. I thank you for them. They are not eassy on me. The mystery will be there forever, I´ll die with it. Why? Probably because pain makes you grow and I have to be myself.» Siento

Siento hacerte mi confidente, que pesadez. Lo intento de todas formas. He can broke my heart with just a «nothing». But bounds in the heart are for to the light to come in. Beso. Sorry.
[16:07, 11/8/2016] Exchange nicanorcardenosa: I´m so tired of criying. I´ll never gave up on Love, I did once, and became a zombie for 40 years. On anything else yes, on Love, my love, never. It belongs to me, and nobody can take it away from me.

El juego del sadismo es respetable. Supongo. Ni entro ni salgo. Tiene su mecanismo. Como lo tiene el de la caricia blanca. Sencillamente no es para mí. No haré daño a nadie niveles de placer necesarios o insospechados. No dejaré qeu me hagan daño para alcanzar niveles de placer que no quieo alcanzar poruqe no respeto en mi. Hay placeres más altos y, sobre todo, felicidades más altas.

Then, from love… llega esta otra canción. La vida no es un relato, es los momentos. La memoria, es el relato y los sueños. Algo muerto.